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CalBank Salary Advance Loan: Get a quick loan as a salaried worker.

calbank salary advance loan get a quick loan as a salaried worker
calbank salary advance loan get a quick loan as a salaried worker


As the title suggests, this blog post is all about the CalBank Salary Advance Loan. If you are a salaried worker, this loan offer could be a great solution for you.

This quick loan is great for people with short-term needs including paying for unexpected medical bills or replacing a stolen item.

In most cases, individuals with a steady salary land themselves in a crisis situation by the time they get a salary advance loan.

They are in dire need of the funds to meet the living cost, and yet they don’t have the collateral.

This is where CalBank Salary Advance Loan comes in. It helps individuals get a pocket money loan by providing their salary as collateral.

This is a quick loan as the interest is only 2.00% per month.

What is CalBank Salary Advance Loan?

The CalBank Salary Advance Credit loan is a quick facility that will enable salaried workers who receive their salaries through CalBank to meet their pressing needs by being able to access up to 80% of their next net monthly salary before they are paid.

Permanent staff of reputable organisations who have received their salaries through CalBank PLC for more than three (3) months can access the facility.

Who is Eligible for CalBank’s Salary Advance Loan?

To be eligible for CalBank’s Salary Advance Loan, the applicant must have the following:

  • The Borrower should be a salaried worker receiving his/her salary at the bank for not less than three (3) months
  • Age Limit: 18 to 59 years.
  • Employment Records: Endorsement of request by the Applicant’s employer

What are the Requirements of CalBank Salary Advance Loan?

Eligible applicants of CalBank Salary Advance Loan must meet the following requirements:-

  • Account Relationship: The qualified client must be an account holder to access the facility.
  • The Applicant must complete and submit the Salary Advance Application form.
  • Attached one (1) current Passport size photo
  • Copy of Valid National Photo ID Card

What does CalBank’s Salary Advance Loan offer?

With this CalBank’s Salary Advance Loan, the applicant enjoys the following offers:-

  • Repayment period: Up to 30 days.
  • Security: Personal Guarantee of Applicant Assignment of salaries and allowances
  • Pricing: 2.00% per month
  • Funds are disbursed on a timely basis.
  • Flexible terms of repayment.
  • Clients shall be updated on monthly loan repayment via our CalBank Alert.

How to apply for CalBank Salary Advance Loan?

Now that you know whether you are eligible or not, if you are eligible, kindly visits the nearest CalBank to start your Salary Advance loan application process. It’s very simple and snappy.

How to contact CalBank?

You can contact the CalBank support team via email or phone call.


We hope that you enjoyed our article about the CalBank Salary Advance Loan.

This is a quick loan program that you can get as a salaried worker. You can access up to 80% of your next net monthly salary before you are paid.

I really hope this article was helpful in quest of applying for a loan.

Thank you for reading, you can share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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