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Everything you should know about CalBank’s Government Employee Loan before you Apply.

everything you should know about calbanks government employee loan before you apply
everything you should know about calbanks government employee loan before you apply


If you’ve found yourself facing a variety of personal challenges, you may want to consider applying for a Government Employee Loan offered by CalBank.

A Government Employee Loan is a loan that is meant to help individuals or families who are in financial need.

If you are an employee of the government Of Ghana and your financial liquidity is under pressure, you may be eligible for one of these loans.

This article presents everything you need to know about these loans before you apply.

What is CalBank Government Employee Loan?

CalBank Government Employee Loan is a special Loan package that is designed to address short to medium term financing needs of public sector employees.

It is flexible and convenient, and one needs not to be CalBank account holder to access this facility.

What are the Requirements of CalBank Government Employee Loan?

Eligible applicants of CalBank Government Loan must meet the following requirements:-

  • A completed Application Form
  • One Passport Sized Picture
  • Proof of Address
  • Personal Identification – Passport, Voter’s ID Card, Drivers’ License
  • Introductory letter from employer
  • Copy of 3 previous months’ pay slips.

Who is Eligible for CalBank’s Government Employee Loan?

To be eligible for CalBank’s Government Employee Loan, the applicant must have the following:-

  • Minimum facility limit is GH¢2,000.00
  • Maximum facility limit is GH¢ 100,000.00
  • Target market is government employees on Accountant General’s payroll
  • Source of repayment: Client’s salary

What makes this Government Employee so enticing?

CalBank’s Government Employee Loan is one of a kind, it provides an alluring offers for the applicants.

Below are few listed offers you can get with CalBank Government loan:-

  • Repayment period is 6 months (minimum) to 36 months (maximum).
  • Debt burden ratio is 45% (maximum) of net monthly income
  • Pricing: GRR + Agreed Risk Premium.
  • Personal insurance cover against death and permanent disability during the tenor of the loan.
  • Repayment method: Annuity
  • Affordable: More loans can be accessed in addition to running ones if only customers do not exceed maximum debt burden ratio.
  • Interest is charged monthly
  • Early repayment without penalty
  • No Monthly account keeping service charges

How to apply for CalBank Government Employee Loan?

Now that you know whether you are eligible or not, if you are eligible,

kindly visits the nearest CalBank to start your Government loan application process. It’s very simple and snappy.

How to contact CalBank?

You can contact the CalBank support team via email or phone call.


We hope you enjoyed our article about CalBank’s Government Employee Loan.

We included useful information about the loan such as eligibility, requirements , and the loan offer.

We recommend reading through this blog post before you get started if you are interested in applying for this loan.

Please don’t hesitate to Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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