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Fido Loan: How to Get Gh¢1000 Instantly with this app.


Inasmuch as Technology has numerous Disadvantages, its advantages have come a long way and it can’t be overlooked.

Technology has contributed immensely to the development of the World, which Africa, Ghana is no exception. One Aspect of humans’ live Technology has helped is The Financial or Banking Sector – From Automated Teller Machines(ATMs), Mobile Banking, and so forth.

We have Witness lots of Mobile Loan Companies Emerging in Ghana, and Africa at Large. – One Fast Rising Mobile Loan In Ghana is Fido Loan.

fido loan how to get ghc 1000 in 2 minutes with this app

What Is Fido Loan?

Fido Micro Credit/Fido Mobile Loan is a Licensed Financial Institution in Ghana that seeks to provide fast and easy short-term loans.

Fido Gives a Minimum of Gh¢ 200 and a Maximum of Gh¢ 1,000 Loans to New Loanees and Loyal Borrowers Respectively.

As the title of this post suggests, We Shall guide you through the process of applying for Fido’s mobile loan to get the loan almost instantly via your Mobile Money Wallet.

So, Without Further ado, Let’s Get Started!

Why choose Fido loan over the rest?

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of plenty of mobile loan apps in Ghana, below are some major reasons why Fido is leading.
👍 Apply on your phone; anytime, anywhere.
👍 Receive a loan request decision within minutes.
👍 No hidden fees, all costs are displayed in the app.
👍 No paperwork, No waiting in bank queues.
👍 No collateral & No guarantor.
👍 Money is disbursed instantly.

What do you get with Fido?

✓ Receive up to GHS200 for your first loan
✓ Your loan amount is increased every time you repay on time, up to a maximum of GHS2,000
✓ As the loan increases, fido decrease the interest rate and offer installment options
✓ Interest rate and total amount to repay are displayed in the app

What do you need to apply?

✓ A valid ID (New and Old Voter’s ID, Driver’s license & Passport)
✓ A mobile money account registered in your own name
✓ They accept MTN & Vodafone mobile money wallets
✓ Be a resident of Ghana, over 18 years of age

Dos and Don’ts of Fido Loan Application


✓Don’t use a mobile money number that does not belong to you.
✓Don’t use someone’s ID card.
✓Don’t use names that are not on the ID card or shorten it (Ex. Do not write Abiba❌ if the name on your ID is Abibatu✔)
✓Don’t use an ID card that has spelling mistakes or the wrong date of birth. Contact your service provider to correct the error before applying again.
✓Don’t apply for someone else.


✓Ensure that you type your correct ID number
✓Ensure that you type the mobile money number correctly
✓Ensure that the date of birth you select is correct, and it’s the same as the date of birth on the ID
✓Ensure that there are no mistakes with the name and date of birth on the ID card you want to use for the application
✓Ensure to repay your loan on time to continue doing business with Fido

How To Apply For a Fido Loan?

To Apply for Fido Loan, Download the Fido Loan App From Google Play Store/App Store (Click Here)

After the App is Successfully Installed, Lunch the App and Click on Get a Loan as a new user.

screenshot 20210814 175005 com.fidocredit

As shown in the Screenshot Below, Enter Your Main Mobile Number and Click On SEND CODE (Mostly when you’ve registered for Fido loan already)

fido mobile loan how to apply and get gh¢1000 loan instantly

You Shall Receive a Code Similarly to the one in the below image, kindly copy and paste into the space provided in the Fido App.

code to get fido loan

How To Fill Fido Loan Forms.

You should fill out your personal information in the Fido loan app to begin the loan application process.

screenshot 20210814 101503

As shown in the image above, you are required to provide the following details

Personal IInformation

  • First Name (e.g. Frank)
  • Middle Name ( e.g. Osei)
  • Last Name (e.g. Nyarko)
  • Date Of Birth (e.g. 19/Oct 1998)
  • Main Phone Number (e.g. 0545880700)
  • Alternative Number (e.g. 0206660157)
  • Your ID Type (e.g. Voter ID New or Old, Ghana Card, Passport etc)
  • ID number(e.g. 899065357**)
screenshot 20210814 101559
  • Your Marital Status (e.g. Single, Married, Divorced)
  • Dependents (People who depend on you)
  • Street Address (e.g. Kotobabi behind the Tsatsu Park)
  • Total Income (How much do you earn in a month?)
  • Main Source Of Income(e.g. Employed)
  • Industry (e.g. Security)
  • What do you do there? (e.g. Security Officer at G4s)
  • Worked there since? (e.g how long you’ve worked there)
  • Other Source of Income(e.g cleaner)

Reference Contacts

screenshot 20210814 101643
  • Reference 1 – Name (The person’s name)
  • Reference 1 – Number (The Person’s phone Number)
  • How do you know this person? (e.g. A friend)
  • Reference 2 – Name
  • Reference 2 – Number
  • How do you know this person? (e.g. Brother)
  • Reference 3 – Name
  • Reference 3 – Number
  • How do you know this person? (e.g. Co-worker)

After you’ve completed Filling the forms, Proceed by clicking Next and Click I Agree and Finish on the next page.

screenshot 20210814 101801

Your loan should be approved and be ready for disbursement on the next page, kindly click on I AGREE so your loan can be disbursed to you via the Momo number you had provided earlier.

screenshot 20210814 101848

Your Application is Approved now, but before the money will be disburse to you, there’s one more thing required of you.

You need to take a Selfie.

screenshot 20210814 101939

Once your selfie is Successfully submitted, the money should hit your account in less than 2 minutes. It’s that simple!


We are done for today, I hope this article helps you get an instant loan from Fido Loan. However, You can as well try these Four lenders (Click Here) AdamfoPa Loan (Click HereBloomkcash (Click Here), GhanaLending (Click here), LendingPapa (Click Here), SikaPurse (Click Here) and WohiaSika (Click Here)


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