How to create ‘Unlimited’ Gmail account using dot trick generator.

how to create unlimited gmail account using dot trick generator 1
how to create unlimited gmail account using dot trick generator 1


Gmail dot trick uses a dot (.) to trick other programs or websites into thinking that you are using a different Gmail account other than the actual registered account. 

So with this trick, you can have multiple (Unlimited) Gmail accounts which will be attached to your actual GMail account.

Any message sent to any of these numerous Gmail addresses will be available in the inbox of the actual GMail.

How to use Dot Trick Generator in Creating Unlimited GMail Accounts​

  1. Make sure to have one (1) Gmail Account. (e.g​
  2. Go to, and type in your username (without – e.g dailyflaver)​
  3. Click “Generate” to create hundreds of email addresses.​
  4. Click “Save” to get the list of your email addresses in a txt file.
  5. Now you can start using those Gmails.

Please take note of the following:-

✅ All Generated Email Addresses are connected to your actual Gmail Account.​

✅ If you registered to an app/website/subscription (eg., Canva, Quillbot, etc.) Using any of your generated email addresses, the confirmation link will always be delivered to your actual GMail account.​

❌ Websites like Facebook and Twitter omit dots, so this trick won’t work on them. Nevertheless, this trick should work on most websites.​

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