PayActiv: Access up to $500 of your earned but unpaid wages with this app



What if you need some cash for treatment at the clinic or you want to buy that watch you’ve been looking at in the boutique, and your salary may not come too soon?

You need to act fast! Banks may be a good option, but the process of releasing a small amount of money in most banks is slow, so you’d have to rule that out. Another way out you may think of is to borrow money from friends and maybe family, but they too may be in a different financial situation.

So what do you do? PayActiv is there to rescue you!  With this app, you can collect up to half of what you earn. You can also get paid when you need it. The registration process is easy, and the app is generally easy to use.

What is PayActiv?

PayActiv helps you get paid as you earn with employer participation.
Get the wages you’ve earned from hours you’ve already worked directly into your bank account or Payactiv card.

Use it to pay bills, get a ride, and pick up cash at Walmart. No loans, no interest–just your money, in your hands. Other features that the PayActiv app packs are bill pay, savings, budgeting tool, discounts, financial health counseling.

How do I get started with PayActiv App?

To get started with PayActiv, you must first download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Hereor Apple Store (Click Here). However, I recommend you read more about PayActiv on their official website before you proceed! (Click Here) or/and you can apply for PayActiv Card HERE

Now, when you’ve successfully downloaded the app, launch the PayActiv App and register an account with them and start enjoying the the swift service PayActiv provides.

Request for a DEMO HERE


We are done for today, I hope this article helps you get access to your already earned money while you wait for your next paycheck with PayActiv App.

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