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Repay your SikaPurse Loan with this simple guide.

how to repay sikapurse loan
how to repay sikapurse loan


When you become a SikaPurse customer, you agree to make your loan repayments on time to enable sikapurse to stay in business and also increases your chances of getting another loan.

Upon you paying back your loan, it’s good to know that you can reborrow again with sikapurse.

With the popularity of the SikaPurse on the rise, the need to repay can also be present.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to repay your SikaPurse loan, then you’re in luck, because this article will provide you with all the information you need to successfully repay your SikaPurse Loan.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling.

Open the SikaPurse Loan App

sikapurse repayments
sikapurse repayments

Once you are in the SikaPurse Loan app, you should see Repayment. Kindly click on that Button.

sikapurse repay now
sikapurse repay now

On the next page, as shown in the Screenshot Above, the amount you are supposed to pay will be shown to you.

Click on Repay Now to Proceed.

sikapurse repayment offline payment
sikapurse repayment offline payment

Just so you know, Sikapurse currently supports only offline payment as their repayment method.

As such, you should keenly follow this guide in other not to do any mistake.

In the screenshot below, you can choose which Merchants Mobile wallet to send your loan repayment to.

It could be MTN Merchant Mobile Wallet or Vodafone.

But in my case and purposely for this article, I will be using MTN Merchant Mobile Wallet which is the first Option.

sikapurse repayment beneficiary account
sikapurse repayment beneficiary account

As shown in the Image above, Sikapurse has an important message for you. Kindly read it thoroughly before you starts the repayment.

Please mmake repayment to the following mobile wallet, use SikaPurse and your registered mobile phone number as the reference (for example SikaPurse 0500********9) otherwise we can’t confirm your repayment.

SikaPurse Team
sikapurse repayment 170 transfer money
sikapurse repayment 170 transfer money

Now that we have to details to send the loan to,

  • Dial *170#
  • Type 1 (Transfer Money)
  • Type 1 (momo user)
  • Type Users Number ( 0552909314)
  • Confirm number (0552909314)
  • Enter the amount (I Will be sending 195, so I will have to type that)
  • Enter reference (This is very important. Tyep SikaPurse and add your number.. Example SikaPurse 0545880700)
reference eg sikapurse 0545880700
reference eg sikapurse 0545880700

Remember your are not paying for me, so please type your phone number, the one your used for the loan. After tap on Send.

enter your momo pin
enter your momo pin

As shown the image above, you would have enter your mobile money Pin, Please keenly review this page to see if you’ve done the right thing.

Also, the name you’re sending this fund to is ROLUCK TECHNOLOGIES ENTERPRISE.

If everything looks good, type in your mobile money pin and click on SEND.

sikapurse repayment successfully repaid
sikapurse repayment successfully repaid

You should see a message like “GHS 195.00 Sent to Roluck Technologies Enterprise….. “ this means your SikaPurse Loan repayment was successful.

SikaPurse team will confirm the repayment and update it in the app as well.


It is very simple to repay SikaPurse loan, but incase you were finding it difficult I hope this article was helpful to you.

If this article helped you repay your SikaPurse Loan, kindly help us also by sharing this article on your social media Handles.

This might also help someone who need to repay their SikaPurse Loan on time. However, you can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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