Steve Harvey Credits Wife For Upgrading Him From ‘Pimp Suits’… And How Working in Africa Impacted His Wardrobe

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Steve Harvey and wife

Steve Harvey has transformed into a total style icon, slaying the menswear game. And he credits his wife, Marjorie Harvey, for upgrading his wardrobe from his – what she called – “pimp suits” in the newest issue of Paper magazine.

The “Family Feud” host is single-handedly changing the fashion game for men over 50. He has ditched the oversized suits (even though they also made a fashion impact) and has a totally upgraded sense of fashion. And he credits his wife, Marjorie Harvey, for the level up.

Even before his wardrobe change, Steve’s fashion was a “thing.” The “Steve Harvey Suit” was a legit staple in the Black community as men would rock Steve’s signature look. However, everything slimmed down in men’s fashion, leaving the “Steve Harvey Suit” in the dusk.

In the newest issue of PAPER magazine, the comedienne-turned-TV host is interviewed by his daughter’s boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan, in Atlanta while he films CREED 3 for the cover story.

The two entertainers talk about the revamping of Steve’s signature look and how his wife, Marjorie Harvey, (along with stylist Elly Karamoh) pushed him to embrace a more slim cut, bold new colors and different textures into his wardrobe, ditching the “pimp suits.”

Here’s how it all went down:

Michael: I never thought about it like that, man, and that’s a fact. You look at the drafts and you see these ball players when they were rockin’ those suits. I remember in my era watching The Steve Harvey Show and the suits were such a thing. That’s his iconic look, that’s what you expect to see. Something’s wrong in the universe, right now, if Steve ain’t walking out with a fly ass suit and tailored to a tee. So are you surprised by how your style has transformed and taken on a life of its own? Everybody has a lot of positivity and admiration for the look you going for.

Steve: I’m surprised by it. I can’t say it was a plan of mine at all because it wasn’t, honestly speaking. It happened for me accidentally.

The problem I had was the woman I live with. I live with a fashion icon. My wife, Marjorie, is her own stylist. Nobody brings stuff for her to look at. She shops for herself, she dresses herself. Her styling, her clothes, is uniquely her. She got me out of the big suits to begin with.

She just came home one day and said, “I’m tired of being married to a pimp.” And I said, “What the fuck do you mean?” And she said, “The big suits and all of that.” I’m sitting up here thinking, “Hold on, you ain’t say nothing when you married me, I had on them big suits.” She said, “Yeah I married you, but I was going to change you.” [Laughs] And she did, man. She got me to narrow my suits down because she said, “Steve, you’re going to go mainstream.”

Next thing I know, the book comes out, I have a talk show, I’m a game show host. I did one year as a game show host with them big suits, and she says, “Steve, you can’t walk out there like that, this is mainstream American now.”

The biggest change was almost three years ago. I was in Africa shooting Family Feud and she had been telling me about this kid, Elly Karamoh. She kept saying to me, “Steve, you should hire a stylist because you don’t have time to shop. You love to dress up and you got your suits cut down, but you don’t have to always wear suits. When we go out to dinner or vacation, that’s not how you dress.

You could get more out of your wardrobe if you have somebody do it.” So she flew Elly to Africa, I didn’t ask her. He started dressing me in Africa and then he dressed me for NFL Honors, the first year I did it, then that got a lot of pull.

Then the guy that runs Celebrity Family Feud went back and told them, “Why don’t you let Steve on Celebrity Family Feud wear what he wore to the NFL Honors? ‘Cause he looks really good in colors.” That was a big pushback, because I shot Family Feud all in the same suit.

I had four suits made that same color, same tie, same shirt, and I just switched it every show because they could put it in any order they wanted to. Well, they started asking me to do that.

Then I got another show on Facebook Watch and they said, “We don’t want you to wear anything you’ve ever worn on TV before,” so I went to Elly and he said, “Ok, got it.” That was the first time they saw me without a shirt and tie, which I wear all the time, but my image was: Suit, tie, pocket square, collar bar, tie bar, cufflinks — that’s it. Elly came along, and started introducing me to a lot of different designers and he really brought some stuff to my attention.

Now, not everything I like, ‘cause skinny jeans to me is for skinny people. If I put on a pair of skinny jeans, I’ma look like a fucking waffle cone. Stomach hanging all over the top of the jeans. So we had a couple of battles about what to wear, but he got to know me better and better. It’s been a surprise, Mike, to be honest with you, this evolution, because it wasn’t intentional. But as Elly was snapping photos and putting it on his Instagram, all of a sudden it was taking off.

I think the biggest launch was last year in Paris, right after Fashion Week was over. I went over there with my wife for a birthday on October 10 and we just were taking pictures of us going out. Next thing I know—

While the Kings of Comedy star loves how fashion-forward Elly is at his craft, there’s one look Steve will never get with.

”The only thing I have major pushback on that I will not do is wear high-top sneakers with a suit. Ain’t happening,” he said.

Outside of fashion, Steve could possibly become MBJ’s father-in-law one day if he decides to marry Steve’s step-daughter, Lori Harvey. To close out the interview, Steve changed it up and asked the Black Panther a question. And it was a good one.

Steve: Do you love Lori Harvey?

Michael: Oh, man. I do. For sure.

Steve: Interview over. You’ve got my respect. Thank you, brother. You’ve got my respect. [Laughs] Hey Mike, at the end of the day, I’m a father.

Michael: 1,000% And I got nothing but respect for you and the family. That goes without saying.

Steve: Do well, man.

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